Grain Dryer Installation

We supply and install both vertical driers and double flow units for use in agriculture as well as larger scale industrial operations. Please see our project case studies.


Grain Handling and Conditioning Equipment Installation

A sample of the range of machinery that we can supply and install:

  • Cleaners, both gravity separated and cyclonic
  • Mechanical intake machines and hoppers
  • Weighers
  • Chain and flight conveyors
  • Belt conveyors
  • Augers
  • Plant control panels


Grain Storage Solutions

We offer a range of solutions for grain storage for each individual need. These can range from a new steel framed building designed in line with modern storage requirements, to a round or square silo fit for its use and application. Contact us to discuss your requirements.


New or Developing Building Projects including Planning Permissions

We cater for all types of building project, agricultural or industrial. Whether its a re-roof of an old cattle building or a new workshop door, right up to a complete new livestock or grain storage building. We regularly take on the planners to get your projects through the planning and paperwork stage with the least amount of fuss and aggravation. Please get in contact with us to discuss your requirements.


Maintenance and Servicing

Servicing is an important factor in keeping a mechanical handling grain plant up to full running capacity. However old or new, preventative maintenance and the discovery and curing of a potential problem beforehand can reduce that expensive and often lengthy hold-up time at harvest due to breakdowns. From conveyors and elevators to driers and their diesel burners, it all needs maintenance to ensure smooth operation.

As well as mechanical handling and drying equipment, our trained engineers can service and maintain the propane fired CHC units and stirrer beams that are essential to the efficiency of a blowing floor bulk storage unit.

If something does go wrong and parts or a repair are needed, we endeavour to get it fixed to get your harvest back on track. So get in there early and get the machinery checked out to ensure your harvest goes as smoothly as possible. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Bespoke Fabrication

Our workshop facilities and the extensive knowledge and skills of its staff of many types of steel working and machining processes, allows the fabrication of most steel or sheet items required in the installation of new machinery, and the repair or re-vitalising of existing machinery during servicing. These skills transfer very well to the fabrication of any type of steel structure that a customer might require, whether it be for mere galvanised five bar gates or for more unique bespoke projects.

Contact us with your requirements.

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